Download Clear Flow Matrix

You will need an active license to use Clear Flow Matrix. Purchase one from our “Buy Now” page. If you’ve already completed a purchase, or if a coworker has provided a license key to you directly, follow the instructions below to obtain your copy of the software.

After purchase, you will receive an email with a Serial Number required for activation. A receipt for your purchase will be emailed to you separately. Log into your PayPal account to view transaction details.

Please download your copy of the software below.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to complete the steps outlined under “First-Time Setup”¬†BEFORE¬†activating your copy of the software for the first time.



First-Time Setup

1. Enable Macros

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel. Select File, then select Options.
  2. From the Options window, select Trust Center at the bottom of the list at left. Then, click Trust Center Settings.
  3. Inside Trust Center Settings, navigate to Macro Settings. Select the radio button to Enable all macros. Then, click OK.
  4. Finally, close Excel before launching Clear Flow Matrix for the first time.

2. Installation

After downloading it from the button above, double-click “Clear Flow Matrix.exe” to launch the installer. You may see a message reading “Windows protected your PC.” Click “More info” to dismiss the warning.

The installer will place the program folder on your desktop; after the folder is extracted you may delete the EXE file. You may move the folder to any location on your computer you wish, but note that any Clear Flow Matrix projects and files must remain inside this folder for your license to be recognized. Manage your Clear Flow Matrix project files just like any other Excel document– use “Save as” or copy/paste to create additional copies of the workbook. You may wish to create a copy of the blank workbook before using it. That way you’ll always have a blank version to easily create new copies from.

3. Licensing

Check your email for a message from containing your serial number (if you don’t see the email after a few minutes, check your Spam folder). Launch “Clear Flow Matrix,” accept the license agreement, then click “Activate Online.” Copy and paste your serial number when prompted. Click “Activate License.” Then, click “Finish.”

Clear Flow Matrix is now ready to use.

Activate/Deactivate License

If you would like to deactivate your current license in order to use a different one or release it for activation on a different machine, click the Activate / Deactivate button. Allow the licensing application to run, then click Deactivate your license. Enter your license key and click Deactivate. You can then activate a different license on this screen or next time you open the application.


Support and Training

Please contact us at with any questions or needs.