Manage by Production Rates, not Schedule Dates

The Answer is Clear Flow Matrix.
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All eyes are on the deadline.

In commercial construction, interior finishing projects often suffer from quality and cost issues as deadlines approach. As crews work quickly to complete finishing work in more than one area ahead of the deadline, multiple trades end up working in the same areas simultaneously, impacting productivity and quality.

  • When trades are dependent on other trades’ finished work, bottlenecks occur.
  • Avoiding these bottlenecks depends on efficient allocation of resources.
  • To do this right, large-scale projects need to be managed on a component basis.


Originally built to provide a straight-forward visual tool for managing commercial construction, the Clear Flow Matrix is the best solution for organizing trades and coordinating production flow for maximum efficiency. The Clear Flow Matrix is a simple two-dimensional grid composed of work areas and trade work activity with an embedded timeline component.

  • First, identify finish areas located across the project
  • Second, identify Pacemaker Activities– the various trades at work across the project
  • Understand visually who should be doing what, when with the Clear Flow Matrix.

What Our Customers Say About
Clear Flow Matrix:

Benefits to Your Organization

Meet Deadlines

Clear Flow Matrix is purpose-built to keep projects flowing and on schedule, avoiding the number one driver of additional cost.

Smaller Handoffs

Tradesmen deliver higher quality finish work with adequate time and space to perform at their best.

Reduced Variation

Keep costs competitive while delivery high-quality final products. Improve yours and your clients’ bottom lines.


Train new employees quickly on an easy-to-use software tool. Shorten ramp-up times and get everyone on the same page.

Clear Flow Matrix in Action

Case Study: Measuring Effectiveness

UT Austin compares the effectiveness of Clear Flow Matrix as a production control technique versus legacy CPM-based systems.

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Case Study: Multifamily Housing

Learn how Clear Flow Matrix brought clarity to a severly behind-schedule project involving 12 standalone apartment buildings.

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